GearSecure bridges the gap between GPS and RFID.  GPS is proven for its tracking capability (think of all those UBER rides you take), but isn't sensitive enough to spot locate small items. RFID (think of the wrist bands you get at festivals) is sensitive for spot location, but doesn't have extended range. Even the most well-known, commercially available tracking devices have, at best, a range of up to only 100 meters.

So we set out to create a solution that's the best of both worlds.

Next we had to overcome obstacles like power and size. Typical tracking devices require a battery to stay active and have to be replaced each year. That's great when you have a power source like a built-in guitar battery, but what about unplugged custom-modded amp heads or Bubinga drumsets?

Since many instruments, amp heads, drums, winds and strings, and gear like cabs and flight cases seem to wander, we crafted a solution to work across the spectrum. 

GearSecure operates on self-integrated power allowing passive gear to be tracked. Once we eliminated batteries, we then could make it small - small enough to be hidden anywhere a thief would never look.

But what happens when the gear is actually tracked? You need time-stretched police to actually do something. That's why a standard becomes important. Law enforcement doesn't want multiple trackers - they want one they can trust.

Finally we had to give you personal peace of mind. So GearSecure syncs with your mobile device. YOU set a perimeter. Once gear travels outside that perimeter, your mobile device is instantly alerted so tracking can begin.

building a standard, not a tag.